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Boomers caught in a generational squeeze

Mar 31, 2014

When Evelyn Bowley and her husband bought their Mount Holly home 24 years ago, they were happy to have a ranch style house no stairs to worry about as their two children grew up.

Now, as she cares for her aging parents, 55-year-old Bowley values the house for the same reason no stairs to worry about for people at an age when a fall could be catastrophic.

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LGBT Property Rights Radio Show

Feb 26, 2014

Follow the link below to hear the latest interview Joe did on The Talk Exchange Network Radio. Today's topics was LGBT Property Rights and Protection. We would love to hear any feedback or questions you have. Feel free to call us!

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Achieving a Dream Later in Life

Nov 07, 2013

"Joe Masiuk and Marianne Flood have been practicing law together for nearly three decades, but it wasnt until now that theyve truly found their dream career. Flood & Masiuk are estate planning attorneys, helping families plan for the future. Im 62 years old, Masiuk said, and Ive finally found my dream job.

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Our New Website is Live!

May 29, 2013

Our mission is to arm consumers and professional advisors in our community with the information needed to make informed decisions about their family's and clients future. With that purpose, we are pleased to announce the rollout of our new and improved Estate Planning website!

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Jan 07, 2013

In case you havent heard, the New Year brought a new law recently signed by the President. To avoid the country from falling off the fiscal cliff, the American Taxpayer Relief Act was approved on New Years Day.

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Joining Avvo and Being a "Dear Abby"

Oct 16, 2012

For those of you who arent aware,, among other things,is an expert-only Question-and-Answer forum where people can ask legal and health questions of lawyers and doctors, for free.

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Being a "Parent" to Your Parents

Aug 14, 2012

One of the toughest things in my elder law practice is to get the sons and daughters of an incapacitated parent ready to face this truth: The kids are now the parents to their parents

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Hospice, Grief and Estate Planning

May 01, 2012

When my Dad died eleven years ago, his passing was assisted by hospice nurses. For you who dont already know, as described in the Princeton Review, hospice nurses perform many traditional nursing duties such as observing, assessing, and recording symptoms, and they still work closely with physicians, administer medications, and provide emotional support to the terminally ill. The nurses who assisted my dad were extraordinarily gentle, caring, compassionate souls who really took the mystery and fear out of death.

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Fear of Death

Dec 22, 2011

Most people are terrified about the thought of dying, and all of us are afraid of it to one extent or another.

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Who Dies First Might Not Be Who You Think

Dec 16, 2011

First, permit me to make a disclaimer: Being an estate planner for the better part of my 35 years as a lawyer has not equipped me with either a crystal ball or any other power designed to predict the future. But the experience of seeing the same thing pop up over and over does give me some right to tell you about trends and possibilities, so that I can perhaps draw some conclusions that might be of benefit to you.

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I Get It!

Dec 14, 2011

As an estate planner, I have worked long and hard to help the families who have sought my counsel to provide them with peace of mind in the knowledge that their affairs have been settled.

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How the New Estate Tax Exclusion Affects Your Estate Plan

Dec 28, 2010

On December 17th, Congress revised the estate tax with a new law, TRA 2010, that sets the exclusion amount at $5 million per person for 2010 2012. However, this temporary adjustment to the estate tax exclusion disappears in 2013, and returns with an exclusion of $1 million per person. Read more about how the estate tax revision under TRA 2010 will affect your estate plan, regardless of whether you have a taxable estate.

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